Welcome Beautiful Soul,


Do you long to have a more knowledgeable, loving, connected relationship with your body, your cycle, + your periods but struggle to find that ease? 

Do you frequently find yourself wondering why, as a grown woman, there are still SO many things you don’t understand about your body? 

Do you wonder…

“Are my periods normal?”

“Am I healthy?”

“Am I fertile?”

“Do I have hormonal imbalances?”

“Is my breast pain, bleeding, vaginal discharge, bloating, weight… normal?”

Have you brought up concerns about your vagina, your periods, your hormones, or your overall health with a medical provider + felt shamed, dismissed, or like your questions weren’t actually answered? 

Or maybe you’ve felt too embarrassed to even ask your questions…

You’re not alone in your longings. Not alone in your questions, confusion, frustration, anger, embarrassment, or lack of knowledge. I regularly have women ask me, “How did I get to be 35 (25, 40… insert number of your choice) and STILL not know this about my own body??”.

As young women, our period stories often start with shame and limited information. We are not taught what is normal and what is something to be concerned about. Many of us are prescribed birth control starting at a young age to “control” symptoms (painful periods, acne, heavy bleeding) or to prevent pregnancy but rarely are given information about other ways to “manage” our symptoms.

Sound familiar??

But here is the thing…

Our bodies are WISE! Your body is giving you quiet messages all along, asking for support.

They start as whispers, and when we ignore these requests they can become full-blown screams for our attention.

What if instead of quieting, shutting down, ignoring your body, you were taught to listen intently. taught to care for your body through a holistic lens, taught natural ways to address your needs, ways to bring your body back to balance?

Many of us think this will come naturally. If we wait long enough our body will return to normal, we’ll understand it better, it’ll self correct… but when you were never taught is normal, or how to address things holistically and all you ever receive is gaslighting, avoidance, & confusing or little to know advice it’s normal you are still feeling helpless, uninformed, and confused about what is going on inside of you.

AND it does not have to be this way any longer…

I’m inviting you to a different experience of your body + your menstrual cycles. 


I’m inviting you to

TRANSFORM the way you are in + with your body!


a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

In society we’ve only been taught to value and pay for that which is tangible – the testing, the courses, the books. 

But the true healing + true respect for and welcoming in of the feminine is allowing for that which can’t be seen. 

Allowing for the cycles, the flow, the soft support that we can’t put words to. 

I see it time + again…

this slowing, this embracing, this turning inward + truly embodying our FEMININE flow is what ALLOWS for the deep nourishment that lowers cortisol, that nourishes our body, + heals our hormones. 

This is what I am inviting you into. 

This is what I am inviting you to acknowledge that you need support in. 

It’s okay to be afraid.

It’s OK to surrender + trust. 

It’s okay to invest in feminine, flowy, nonlinear support for yourself. 

You can be safe + held within non-masculine container. 

I am proof that it works.

My clients are proof.

I invite you to quiet your mind, to truly trust your heart + your body.  

They are pulling you to the softness for a reason. 

You don’t need concrete reasons to trust + lean in. 

You need faith.

You need your FEMININE. 

She is valuable + the door to unlock your healing + the reclaiming of your body, your hormonal health, your wellness. 

Reclaim her + reclaim your new existence.

In this program you'll receive . . . 

  • 8 month energetic support container + 1:1 mentorship from Dr Mona including unlimited messaging, so you can be FULLY supported during your journey back in as you truly transform your way of back  
  • 8 Private sessions + expert guidance with Dr. Mona focused on empowering you to master FAM + deeply dive into your Divine Feminine power, innate healing + larger purpose in this journey
  • 1 Human Design chart reading by Dr Mona + customized PDF summary Our soul’s came to this life at the moment they did, with the energy they did + the gifts they did because we had a purpose + when we can show up in our most aligned way we find more ease, joy + purpose in this life. Let’s talk about your unique soul energies + gifts! (reading done in place of 1 private session!)
  • customized holistic blueprint. A wellness that plan that evolves throughout your container. You are forever shifting, evolving, growing, expanding - your wellness plan should be reflective of this and your specific food medicine, herbs, supplements, lifestyle, mindset, spiritual + energetic suggestions will all shift based on what we are seeing and hearing in your journey
  • 2 private sessions with Nutritionist Emma Moon a nurse, holistic nutritionist, and integrative health practitioner
  • BLOOM comprehensive fertility awareness course 
  • CYCLICAL BEING cycle syncing course   
  • dedicated FAM cycle chart review with insights on your charting practice + overall cycle and hormonal health including recommendations on how you can improve your charting + learn more deeply from your body and it’s message
  • insight on ways to identify + address potential hormonal imbalances based on your cycle findings and symptoms PLUS how you can begin to address these naturally
  • valuable insight into your hormones, your 4 cycle phases, + the use of FAM and cycle charting for living a more balanced + energetically aligned life
  • individualized cycle syncing + traditional wise woman practices tailored to YOUR journey, desires, + what we are intuitively guided to use to support YOUR BODY in its feminine power + journey inward. This is unique to each client but some examples include: menstrual bleed rituals, yoni gazing, dry brushing, seed cycling, lunaception (syncing with the moon), full + new moon rituals, yoni steaming, castor oil packs, customized herbs + more!
  • toolkit of recommended practices + rituals to support your inner cycles + your journey back to your Divine Feminine 
  • beautiful PDF cycle charts that I designed specifically for women interested in learning to chart their cycles, symptoms + quiet messages of their bodies
  • *option to purchase gut microbiome +/or hormone testing at an additional charge



  • LUXURY Wise Womb Welcome Package! ($777 value)
    • TempDrop wearable basal body thermometer (the thermometer I use + love) OR an oral thermometer if you prefer
    • printed course books for BLOOM + CYCLICAL BEING. Of course ebooks are also available if that is your preference
    • my favorite seeds for seed cycling
    • customized crystals, energetic cleansing kit + herbal tea blend created by Dr. Mona specifically for YOU to support your unique body, energy, + space as you move into this delicate + impactful journey of rediscovery.
    • *additional shipping fees added for womb packages sent outside the US
  • special savings on all future work with me. This is just the beginning of your journey - to honor this, you’ll receive 10% off any future products or services that you purchase from me
  • 15% off any customized herbs +/or supplements that I recommend through Fullscript (the dispensary I personally use + recommend for all my 1:1 clients)

This is JUST what I need

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What clients are saying . . .

"When I saw Mona's offerings along with her background in both western + holistic health, I knew she was the missing piece I needed to start on this journey. I signed up immediately + without hesitation, and from there my expectations were only exceeded!"

Kelly, 29

Working with Mona was an experience that brought me back into my body. I forged a deeper connection with my cycle through the invaluable wisdom that Mona shared with me and the guidance she gifted me with was something that I continue to use daily and will use for a long time yet."

Anne, 31

"After working with Mona for 9 months, I discovered a profoundly deep respect + appreciation for the beauty + magic that exists within the female body, and an understanding + grace for the seasons of our hormonal fluctuations, what purpose they serve, and how to flow with the tide, instead of resisting it."

Mallory, 40


This container is perfect for you if you are . . .


  • committed to leaning into your Divine feminine + the cyclical flow that you were designed to live by
  • desire mentorship from a doctor, nurse, healer, wise woman that has walks the talk + will guide you with kindness, presence, and zero judgment
  • ready to demystify your cycles, hormones + fertility
  • interested in using fertility awareness to track your hormones + cycles as part of your holistic health journey
  • looking for comprehensive education about your body, cycle, hormones, + fertility 
  • wanting cycle syncing practices that infuse ease + flow in your life
  • interested in improving your period, cycles + hormones naturally
  • craving guidance + mentorship from a holistic medical provider and fertility awareness educator that is spiritually minded + infuses deeply holistic principles in each step of your care 
  • ready to learn how to be more present with your body, your healing, your experience through self-love + embodiment practices
  • looking for a customized wellness plan that includes diet, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, spiritual + mental shifts you can make to improve your cycle, hormones + overall health
  • desiring a deeper connection with your body, cycles, & inner wisdom
  • committed to a holistic approach to self-care + would benefit from 1:1 mentorship and guidance to get you there
  • curious to learn more about Human Design + why your unique soul shows up in the way it does
  • ready to lean into your body + soul journey by learning more about your connection to the moon + YOUR soul’s unique purpose through your Human design
  • devoted to stepping into a new way of being, to TRANSFORM your life + your Divine Feminine presence

You will leave this program with...


  • a new embodied way of being both in + with your body, your cycles, + your inner guidance system
  • deep attunement to your cycles, your yoni, your temple, + your Divine Feminine energies
  • a clear understanding of your body, your hormones, your fertile biomarkers + how to use FAM to achieve YOUR unique desires (avoid or achieve pregnancy, improve your hormonal health + fertility, live aligned with your cycle, etc)
  • complete confidence + clear understanding of how to use cycle syncing to find more ease, flow, + acceptance in your daily life
  • the guidance necessary to finally live in flow with your inner cycles, physical symptoms, moods + energy levels - planning trips, work, exercise, nutrition, social interaction + life in a way that feels most exciting and supportive to you
  • holistic resources to support your periods, hormones +  your cycles naturally
  • a FULL toolkit of daily practices, rituals, + activities that you can use to continually align to your womb while supporting yourself in a mindful + cyclical way
  • insight into your Human Design + why your unique soul shows up in the way it does and the specific ways you can lean into your giftings more 
  • having embraced your Divine femininity + the sovereign power of your yoni
  • the support necessary to accept + choose a continued journey of healing, self-worth, self-love + feminine empowerment
  • an awareness of embodiment practices + tools you can use to connect with mother earth + the lunar energies
  • curious to learn more about ready to lean into your body + soul journey by learning more about your connection to the moon + YOUR soul’s unique purpose through your Human design
  • devoted to stepping into a new way of being, to TRANSFORM your life + your Divine Feminine presence
  • the opportunity to devote your life to this new way of being, to transform, + ALCHEMIZE your experience forever moving forward in this space of grounded empowerment, trusting + leaning into the wisdom of YOUR mind, body, spirit, + womb!! xx 



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x 8 months

10% discount!

regular price $977/mo

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10% discount!

regular price $7777

sign me up! xx

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