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Welcome Beautiful Soul,


Have you ever wondered why sometimes it feels like you can achieve everything, you can literally do two hours of yoga + a HIIT class AND check numerous things off your to-do list, but then there are other days it feels hard to even get off the couch… why is that?

Most of us don’t struggle with the high performing days. That feels fun + like we’re Superwoman! It’s also kind of what society expects from us all the time… let’s be honest.

But what about the slow days? 

How do you handle those?

Do you ever punish yourself? Talk down to yourself + shame your body for not working out or craving certain foods? Guilt yourself for laying on the couch and ignoring your to-do list? Do you get frustrated by the fact that you can’t be consistent + show up the same way every day?

What if I told you there is a REASON that your energy, mood, acne, libido, food cravings all fluctuate… 

And better yet, what if I told you there are ways you can predict these patterns so that you can find more ease + flow in this life!

Well there is!


it’s through your Divine Feminine + a practice called cycle syncing!


The truth is you’re a WOMB HOLDER, you’re not a robot + you're NOT meant to show up the same way every single day, despite what society has taught you.

There is a reason you experience these fluctuations, it’s part of your femininity + it’s normal. The fluctuations you experience are a reflection of your inner cycles + your hormones, beautiful teachers if we are willing to tune in + listen to them.

But there is one problem… you’ve likely never been taught about these shifts or what you can do to support your body to find more balance in its ebbs + flows. 

Hormones play a massive role in your physical, mental, & emotional experience. Each month your hormones go through cyclical changes, there is a synchronized rise and fall that orchestrates your ovulation, periods + cycle length. These fluctuations also dictate how you feel from day to day, your energy, what you crave, what you feel like doing + what you don’t… 

And the cycles are more predictable than you think!

So you’re probably wondering HOW you learn to work WITH our hormones + your cycles!

How do YOU create a life that is full of ease, flow + deep self-love?

I'm so excited

I want in now!!

time to explore 

Cycle Syncing!

What is Cycle Syncing??


Cycle syncing, or cyclical living, 

is the practice of aligning your life + your activities to HONOR your menstrual cycles.

Cycle syncing is about living in flow WITH your body, rather than fighting against it.

Cycle syncing provides the opportunity to form a new, deeply intimate + holistic relationship with your mind, body, spirit + womb. To embrace, nurture, + embody your truly radiant, intuitive, and deeply whole self.

Your cycles + your Divine Feminine archetypes are waiting to welcome you home, to teach you, to help you find more ease & flow in your life.  Are you ready to partner with them?
Are you ready to step into a more aligned + supported way of being EVERY SINGLE DAY?


Then I invite you in...  
In this program you'll drop into 

a Deeper knowing of your Divine Feminine

by learning about. . . 
  • cycle hormones
  • foundations of fertility awareness
  • cycle charting
  • energetic menstrual cycle phases
  • feminine archetypes
  • lunaception (syncing to the moon!)
  • cycle syncing + the ways you can live more in flow WITH your body! xx

then you'll receive...

SPECIFIC Support Recommendations for EACH menstrual cycle phase including

  • lifestyle
  • diet + ayurvedic food medicine
  • hormone healthy recipes
  • herbs + supplements
  • mindful movement + exercise
  • barre + yoga classes
  • sex + pleasure
  • soul + Feminine archetype support
  • mudras
  • mantras
  • crystals
  • essential oils
  • guided journal prompts
  • an invitation to a new, more attuned way of being! xx

additional things you'll receive. . . 

  • EXTENSIVE CYCLE SYNCING GUIDANCE from Dr. Mona who blends her experience and expertise in eastern + western medicine to offer you a deeply HOLISTIC experience that honors both science + source (our womb, mother earth, and spirit) in our journey back in.
  • a COMPREHENSIVE CYCLE SYNCING PROGRAM - designed to empower you to reconnect with your 4 cycle phases, inner seasons, feminine archetypes + to deeply partner WITH your body through cycle syncing including detailed, holistic recommendations on how to sync with each phase of your menstrual cycle
  • SELF-PACED COURSE. The course is all released with purchase allowing you to slowly move through it at your own pace.. Or binge if that is more your style. You have ongoing access to the course to move through as you please :)
  • EASILY-DIGESTIBLE VIDEOS + RESOURCES covering the basics of our cycles, hormones, and fertility awareness then diving DEEP + thoroughly into each of our menstrual phases, inner seasons, feminine archetypes + offering SPECIFIC detailed recommendations on how to BEST support + align with each phase of the cycle. Each module is broken into small, easy to consume videos (most are 2-5minutes) + includes a corresponding ebook to support your learning, so you can drop in + out with ease :)
  • valuable insight into your hormones, your 4 cycle phases, + the use of FAM and cycle charting for living a more balanced + energetically aligned life
  • unique + SPECIFIC cyclical recommendations for EACH cycle phase including lifestyle, food medicine/diet, herbs + supplements, movement/exercise (including 2 recorded workouts per phase!), mudras, mantras, crystals, oils, journal prompts + more
  • toolkit of recommended practices + rituals to support your inner cycles + your journey back to your Divine Feminine 
  • 130+ page beautiful and  DETAILED ebook that summarize the course content which you can use as gentle reminders of what your body needs in each of her phases 
  • PRINTABLE CYCLE CHARTS designed specifically for the womb holders that join this program


  • LUNACEPTION lecture created by Dr. Mona which dives into the practice of aligning our cycles with the moon + lunar forces including information on the White + Red Moon cycles
  • AYURVEDIC FOOD MEDICINE + detailed nutrition recommendations by Emma Moon a nurse, fabulous holistic nutritionist, divine soul + co-creator of Bloom
  • 2 EXERCISE VIDEOS for EACH phase of your cycle created by Miranda Madich an incredibly gifted barre + yoga instructor that was one of my yoga mentors and is a kind + loving soul

Cyclical Being is perfect for me

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What clients are saying . . .

"Reconnecting with my hormones, my vulva, and my cycles have shown me the power that lies within. One I will never again marginalize or overlook."

Mallory, 40

"I forged a deeper connection with my body through the invaluable wisdom that Mona shared with me + the guidance she gifted me with is something that I continue to use daily and will use for a long time yet"

Anne, 31

"Let me tell you, working with Mona has been a life changer! .. I feel like the understanding of my body that I have gained is truly priceless."

Stephanie, 37


This program is perfect for you if you are . . .


  • ready to embark on the journey of cycle syncing + cyclical living
  • desiring to embrace your cycles, and start living in flow with your body rather than fighting against it
  • looking to clearly understand your menstrual cycle phases, inner seasons, + Divine feminine archetypes
  • interested in using your inner cycles, mood, & energy levels to plan exercise, nutrition, trips, work, social interaction,+ life to plan your life + your activities in a way that feels deeply nourishing + supportive based on the timing of your cycles
  • ready to claim a deeper connection with your body, cycles, + inner wisdom
  • seeking for a holistic + cyclical approach to self-care and would benefit from SPECIFIC recommended practices + rituals for each phase of your menstrual cycle
  • craving more connection with ALL parts of you - mind, body, spirit + womb
  • committed to learning to track your cycles + your biomarkers (bleeding, cervical fluid, basal body temperature, physical + emotional symptoms, etc) in order to identify your unique cyclical patterns + needs
  • ready to pay attention to your experience as a woman + claim a NEW more embodied way of being

You will leave this program with...

  •  deep knowledge around the feminine cycle + our hormones and the ways these affect literally every aspect of our life
  • complete confidence + clear understanding of how to use cycle syncing to find more ease, flow, + acceptance in your daily life
  • a deeper connection with your body, cycles, + inner wisdom
  • a toolkit of daily practices, rituals, + activities you use to support yourself in a holistic and cyclical way
  • the guidance necessary to finally live in flow with your inner cycles, physical symptoms, moods + energy levels - planning trips, work, exercise, nutrition, social interaction + life in a way that feels most exciting and supportive to you
  • a new embodied way of being both in + with your Divine Feminine
  • a renewed appreciation for your femininity, the deeply wise + sovereign power of your yoni, and the Divine way that you were designed to be on this earth

the energetic exchange



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